So time is winding down to showtime and I have SO many emotions running inside of me.  One of the things that years of professional dance and theater has taught me is that no matter HOW MANY TIMES you hit that stage, you still get the jitters.  You still have those thoughts of wanting everything to go incredibly well, working hard for it all to match the visions of what you see as your most perfect performance.  I can say that I’ve learned how to channel this energy in a positive way.  I first tell myself to STFU, and to keep focus on the important things…  ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

The destination, the moment on stage, is a fleeting moment.  In a whole show, I’ll be on stage for about 10 mins or less TOPS.  So it’s important to enjoy and appreciate the journey along the way.  The final week is what most call peak week.  It’s the time that you are trying to coax your body into peak condition for your fleeting time of presentation.  Honestly, I’m loving this time.  It’s at this moment that my body is changing more rapidly than it has thus far.  The changes are day by day, and the end result, dramatic.  I don’t do much for my peak.  Just drink 2.5 gallons of water up to the day of the show.  Stick to clean foods, eat the way I have during my entire prep.  Enjoy salt, lol.  Very simple.  My workouts at this point have changed a bit.  When you push your body to an extreme in conditioning, you will inevitably lose a little strength.  So I’m not able to do as much volume or intensity as I had been a few weeks ago.  However, I still feel relatively strong, still rocking out my power based circuits, hitting my plyos, and working out those weights.

I think my most FAVORITE part of this entire process is the pampering.  I mean I’m exfoliating, soaking in warm baths, doing the mani/pedi thing, hair done, etc.  Hell I should go down to Koreatown and get a Thai massage!  Well that will have to wait, I have to apply coats of tanner starting Thursday lol.  But all and all, I’m excited to once again hit the stage where it all began for me.  Here in LA.  This is going to be ONE BIG SHOW.  It’s tied with a Pro Figure show as well.  So not only am I going to be up there against some of the best bodies in the State (or out of the state lol), but I’ll be up there on the same stage as the Pro girls, a group whom I aspire to one day join.

My only goal going into this show was to present a package that was put together well enough for the judges to say, “yeah, she’s on her way to the Pro level.  She brought it like a pro.”  That’s it really.  So I challenged myself to the fullest, and I really feel like there is nothing more I can do at present time to present a better physique.  So now the last portion of this is left in the hands of 5 people.

Stay tuned for more!



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