Wow, you know, I didn’t realize just how much that last show drained me!! I was completely like mentally and physically WIPED OUT in the days following. But I guess that’s what happens when you put your all into something.

Erik and I made the call of course to take an ENITRE FULL WEEK OFF. For both diet and exercise. I started to feel a little overwhelmed about everything. The class win, the outpouring of support from those around me, the side eye looks from folks at the gym who are my haters (lol long story but this isn’t at Gold’s but at a gym where I train my clients/conduct business ). Then I had gotten behind with having to update my clients’ programs and diets etc. So I had to just STEP BACK and 1. breathe, and 2. SLEEP. I slept and stayed in bed ALL DAY Thursday, and by Friday I was 100%. Today I feel great. Got caught up on work, have just a few more programs to update, but they’re all on time so no rush.

Now it’s back to the grind! I ate everything I wanted over the last week. Had a HUGE steak dinner at the famous Laury’s Prime Rib. My stomach hated me. I gained water! Retained like a mofo. Had a bunch of sugary carbs and alcohol too, so that’s expected. At the end of it all, and only just today actually drinking my gallon of water, I’m at 138. I was 132 on the day of the show, so this is very good. I’m still retaining, AND I’m on my period too now. So as soon as this all passes I can actually assess where I am. Either way, it’s all good because with just under 5 weeks out from Team U, getting back down to 132 will be very easy.

So I’m just chillin out today, designing my workout program for the next 2 weeks. Gonna contact Erik and likely get my diet in the next few days. But I’m already back on it, similar to what we’ve already been doing. So yah, NY is on my brain for sure and I’m fired up and ready.

I’ve got local IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Victor Konovalov helping with my posing. He was at the show and was the guy who gave me the advice about what I needed to do to improve. He preps competitors for shows so I’m glad to have his help. Jay Cutler’s trainer Eric DiLaurio also said he’d help me out too. So I’m thankful about that. He also preps girls for shows. And lastly I really want to get into contact with Zhanna Rotar since she’s actually a former figure competitor and a judge (head judge at the Cals) to work with me. I’m going to shoot her an email this week to see if she’s available. She’s out of Orange County so I don’t mind the drive, it’s about 20 mins or so from LA.

A lot has been snowballing positively. I’m so thankful. I’m proud to say that I am now coaching 4 women for some upcoming shows! I’m excited to see how their bodies will respond to our work, and proud to be able to share my knowledge with other women in our sport. After 13.5 years of training the general population and athletes, it’s an all new challenge to now be working with the focus of putting someone on stage. It’s one thing to get someone in shape just to be healthy, or to be training someone to reach the peak levels of athletic performance, than it is to actually have a person on stage being judged for the work they’ve put in and out of the gym. I accept the challenge and I’m ready to unleash a band of fierce “Roxstars” on the stage over the next year!  Yeah YOU KNOW my team is called Team Roxstar!!! lol

Anyways, stay tuned. Operation Team Universe is underway. And I plan on bringing and even BETTER package/presentation to this stage.


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