I can say that for the first time in a week and a half, I feel amazing again. I had to just let go of a lot of head baggage and mind taffy so I can move along. 

So I went into the gym and rocked it out.

I hit back today, and shoulders again, a little bit of chest too. I took yesterday off. Today was all strength based, no power stuff like the other day. Rack pulls, assisted pull ups, seated cable row (giant set). Then plate loaded pull downs, incline chest press (DB), seated plate loaded rows. 

Man it felt great. I was finally back in the game and ready to focus on the next task ahead. Bringing an EVEN BETTER package to Team U.

I’m not going to be posting too many pics, I want to just hone into one of the biggest shows of my season. And I want to get it right, and feel a great sense of accomplishment in the end.

Only a few days left. In exactly one month from TODAY I will be on stage back on the East Coast. And I’m going to be ready….

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