Ok!!! Soooooo…. In ONE HOUR Victor helped me to completely do a 180 when it comes to displaying my physique.

Amazing huh? What a HUGE difference. I feel like I can now play up my strengths, and hide my weaknesses. I’m so incredibly thankful he took the time to help me figure this out. The difference to me is like night and day. I absolutely knew nothing about posing properly up to now.

After this session with him, I got my mojo back. For the past few weeks after the show, I kind of had a little doubt in myself. I was worried about being able to best present my body. Posing properly and really doing justice to the work I’ve put in. But mow, I feel SO damn ready. And so excited.

I’m basically sailing in. Diet is on, training is ON, and now posing in spot on.

So here we go! Almost in the home stretch!

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