Ok sooooo…. (I like saying that these days.) New adjustments below. This time, I’ve got my suit on, and I put a side by side comparison of me now and me at the Cals so you can really see the difference.I’m still tweaking. I also changed my individual poses. Still showing some personality/individuality, but less footworky stuff lol. Still getting that baby down to a good solid 6-8 secs. Victor helped me to personalize it more, so I’m just finding that happy medium that works for ME.


Got my new diet today! I’m well fed, got a refeed day this week (hello HIGH HIGH HIGH CARBS!!), got one next week. Got some beef up on the plan, so Rox is happy indeed. My life is so dang boring lately, I mean carbs and beef make me happy… C’mon son! lol

In other news. I have the greastest clients in the world. Team Roxstar is G-R-O-W-I-N-G!


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