So 10 days out! 

I’m not sure what’s going on in my head really. It’s like this concentrated intensity. I took an off day from training to get some work done w/ my clients sessions and payments etc while I’m gone. I had slacked off checking out sessions on my scheduler so I’ve been parked in front of my computer all afternoon making sure all is up to date before I head out.

Team RoxStar is progressing quite nicely. I have two clients that just checked in with their first bi-weekly’s. One RoxStar Diva lost 7 lbs, the second lost 3.8 lbs. The first client has a long way to go to reaching her goal of one day stepping on stage (she would be a masters girl). I’d say if she stayed consitant, after a year of just getting her body into shape, she would be able to look at possible show dates. The second client though is much closer. I want to spend time building a foundation and base of training first. Overall our first goal is to get her into shape, create some fat loss. She’s new to actual effective training and nutrition so she’s got that newbie edge of simultaneous fat loss/muscle gain to an extent. So our focus right now again, stabilize her body, lower overall BF, maintain some muscle, increase endurance, get her eating in check, set her up for more advanced training etc. I’d say she’d be truly ready to start considering a show date by December. And I have my original founding member of TRS, who is actually a member here by my urging (lol she’s always lurking), who will be stepping on stage in December for the Excalibur here in LA! We started training in Jan. Her goal at first was the same as all my clients, establish a foundation, then go from there. We went into a NICE building phase with some specialized training for her legs/glutes/back. I must say, everytime I look at her, it brings a tear to my eye, lol. I’m a proud mama! She’s looking GRRREAT! 

We’re now really starting to smack down focus on presentation. We are also now in a cutting phase just to bring down her BF a bit before doing one more short build or maintenance before really prepping for the Excalibur.

I’ve got two more gals, they’re online. Both in NYC, both professional dancers. They want to increase strength and just have really nice athletic toned bodies. And although dance CAN do that, it’s not to the extent of what added weight training can do. So I took em under the TRS umbrella since they’re prepping for fabulousness on stage – just in a different sense. 

I’m going to journal about each of these girls’ journies as they go along. Because I think it would be nice to share their story. I don’t have pics to share just yet, I want to get permission first. But anyways, I love my gals! Those chicks are gonna ROCK THE ISH OUT OF THE STAGEEEE!!! LOL 

They just better bring it if they end up in a class with their coach! lol

Wow how refreshing not talking about myself. Anyways. I ate some steak today, and avocados, and almonds. I have to keep the almonds in the car or else… I would have WAY more than the 14g I”m suposed to. lol

But NOTHING tastes as good as lean and fierce does. So move over almonds!

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