This is without any peaking. Taken this afternoon (around 5pm or so), 7 days out from being actually on stage (6 days from the whole show). Erik and I agree that my last peak went very well and we were pleased with how my body turned out. So we’ll do something similar and sail right in. Of course going day to day, so hopefully my body doesn’t start acting crazy lol. It won’t though so no sweat.

I’m flying out on Monday, so that gives me plenty of time to adjust etc. I’m all packed and ready to go. Just finishing off laundry and doing some cleaning, then I’m D-O-N-E! I can’t wait to get to NY, I think what I have to present is my absolute best. I’ve never looked better, I look even better than I did at the Cals, so hopefully that will be seen by the judges.

I”m not nervous at all. Just ready. Focused. I finally got into contact with my great uncle Albert Beckles (it’s either great uncle or cousin, in any case he’s on my Mom’s side). For those that don’t know of him, he was one of the most respected body builders of his time. Some would call him a living legend in the sport.

He went up for the Olympia title about 9 times I think, and each time he was defeated. In one of his last showings it was apparently a huge upset because many to this day believe he should have won over the actual winner that year (Lee Haney). Here’s an interesting article about him and others who were close to win over the years

So each time I step on stage, I always feel like I have big shoes to fill. Carrying my family’s name, I’d be CRAZY not to show up in my best. And it’s a badge of honor I wear. He saw me on stage at the Cals!  Y’all know how I feel about my showing there lol. But oh well, he remembered me! So we’re going to meet up when I get back from NYC. He lives here in LA. I only hope to one day be a part of the sport in the major way he was.

I’ve become such a huge fan, supporter, and participant in this sport. And I’m so proud to be able to say that I love to compete, and I love pushing my body further and furhter to elite levels of conditioning in ways my genetics allow. So in this, my national level debut, I’m so ready to just sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and get on that stage to do what I love.

How can anyone stress about that?


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