Hey guys, thanks so much. I would thank each of you individually but I’m updating from my phone. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing support from everyone here. Thanks so much, it means a lot.

Ila specifically it was so awesome to meet you too. You looked beautiful last week, and we both have walked away with some lessons learned and things to take away and make our next show even more fierce. Thats what its all about at the end right? Lol

Ok so after standing around feeling sorry for myself for a few days I decided to shut out all negative thoughts, pick my ass up from the floor and get it together for my next show. I didn’t place, but so what. The good news is that it can only get better from here, there is absolutely no way I can do worse…. Well I think. But Hell what do I know. Switching federations is not an option, I don’t want it to be. Switching divisions, not an option, for now. The plan is simple. Transform my body. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. 

This is the plan. A major overhaul. So for the next 9 weeks, I’m slightly going off my diet. The goal is muscle loss. Who the hell trains for actual muscle loss, sounds likes an oxymoron, but hey that’s what life does sometimes. My macros are going to shift in that I’m raising my carbs (veggies, whole grains, fruits main sources), upping healthy fats, and decreasing protein. I’ll eat a little below maintenance but not too much, enough just to get my body into a steady catabolic state. In addition, all weight training will stop, in will come dance classes and a few days of SS cardio in its place. The SS cardio will be mostly long runs outdoors, and some cardio at the gym for about 45-60 mins. Only once/day. This should get my body to breakdown some of this muscle without killing me with a starvation diet.

Sept 19, 2011 will be the day I begin an 8 week prep for Nationals. I realize since I’m pretty lean all year round, I don’t need a long prep. I’ll go back on a similiar plan to this last prep. Perhaps hook up with Erik again (praying he’s available), and add high volume/intensity strength training back into the picture. I’m taking 2 months off of weight training to give my body a chance to seriously atrophy. Use it or lose it… I ain’t gonna use it so I CAN lose it. 

I hope to be around 128/130 by the time I start prep. I was onstage at 132. I want to hit the stage at 124/125ish this time and see how that looks. Plan is in place, execution has alrwady begun. I’m back!

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