I’ll tell you what… I’m no quitter, but I can be a big cry baby. I feel like each prep I learn more about myself and my place in this world of competing etc. In truth, it’s not my time. And when it is, I will finally be ready. I truly don’t have the confidence to stand next to the likes of my favs like Erin, Cheryl, Ava, and the list goes on and on. I need more time on stage under my belt, and a lot of growing to do as a competitor. So here we go ready for the next one.In my usual fashion, I will closely document this next transformation. It will be a new look for me. I haven’t been this small since early college days. I’m up for the challenge, and most of all doing it safely. Pics, training videos, and my crazy thoughts coming up soon.

I am officially starting TOMORROW!  


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