Ok let’s call this Day 2.

I started officially yesterday. Funny because it was my cheat meal day too. Yay! LOL. I got up hella early to hit up the AM cardio. Knocked out 35 mins on an empty stomach before having to jump off to train a client. About an hour or so later, I completed round 2 of cardio for 25 mins.

This morning, got up early AM and hit empty stomach cardio again. This time in the form of an amazing run in Culver City Park, then the hills of the Baldwin Hills Scenenic Overlook. The entire run from start to finish was nothing but hills. Steep hills. But I kept a slow/moderate steady pace. It was truly a mind game for me as I’m used to super sprinting these same hills. But I had to keep a common undercurrent in my head, Type I Fibers, Type I Fibers. In my weird scientific mind, that combined with the booming beats of Beyonce from my headphones pushed me through an amazing run. I meant to run for 45 mins, but it ended up being about 35 or so. But it was super tough, and I could feel the lactic acid building up in my body, sweat pouring off of me, and heart pounding. I felt pleased. I felt accomplished.

This new transformation is a really huge internal battle for me. I love to lift. I love to be strong, I love to be powerful. But now, for the time being, I need to set that aside and allow my body to form in the way it needs though this endurance type of work. After next week, I’m going to start to hit up the weight room again. Although I want to break down tissue, I don’t want to start looking flat, so keeping my muscle round and full is a goal as I slim down. I’m going to keep it all high reps (20+), moderate weights, full body/intergrated movements, completed as circuits. No isolated single body part work. Only compound motions, and more functional training. At the start of the workout, I’ll do some power based exercises just to keep the myogenic/neurogenic tone in my body. I have a lot of that now, that I’m afraid will diminish as I diminish lol.

Dietarily, I’ve shifted quite a bit. With all of the endurance training, I’ve upped my carbs. I significantly lowered my protein so that my body turns to its own tissue and begins to catabolize it. Fats are moderate (about 50g/day). So basically my macro/caloric breakdown is looking like this:

1800/day (-250 cals from maintenance)
Carbs – 245-250g/day
Protein – 90g/day
Fat – 50g/day

I have a loose plan, meaning that I know what my six meals should be (ie, 60g Oats, 85g Chicken, etc etc), but I’m allowing myself more freedom to just eat as I please but I track EVERYTHING with My Fitness Pal app on my phone. I adjusted the cals and macros in the app to reflect the above. All of my food choices are whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. I have a cheat meal each Friday until I start to prep where that will be replaced by refeeds. Well in general, my entire plan by that point will shift back to high protein, moderate carbs, low fat.

Dance classes are kicking my ass. Love it though. I had to LIFT my legs out of the car by hand to get in and out. Still sore today, but I can now move my legs on my own.

Post contest, I only gained about 2 lbs. Before peak week, I was at 135. Stepped on stage at 132, but that was after a water drop so I don’t really count that weight as a real reflection of where I am. The goal, I want to drop about 8-10 lbs in the next 2 months. That’s a lot of weight. But I’m not married to the numbers as I am to the overall look.

Another aspect that needs to be fixed… Posing AGAIN.  My friend and training partner (well sometimes training partner) said that the adjustments that Victor helped me to achieve had me looking like a bodybuilder on stage. And that was a major problem. He said, that it squared me off, and took out a lot of the feminine curves that I had prior to trying to fix what wasn’t totally broken. He was right. So I’m going back to what I was doing orginally, but just NOT FLEXING AT ALL. I’m just standing there. Literally standing there in the position without doing anything… Look at the difference..

That pic in the suit is 6 days before TU, the second pic, taken today.

If I would have done that on stage, I wonder what would have happened. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. But again, look how much smaller I look. Now with dropping size on top of that, I may actually have a look that is worth showing on the National level.

I’ll update pics once every two weeks. I’m melting… I’m meeelllting….


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