So it’s funny how the body really responds to training. When you have a highly trained body like we do, little changes often make a world of difference, and adaptation may come at a quicker rate. Well with the shift in my nutrition, and the training load/volume/approach, my body feels leaner already. This morning’s weight was 135.4.

I’ve been hitting early AM cardio on an empty stomach. I do this for about 30-40 mins depending on my time and location. When I run outdoors, it’s more like 30 mins, but I run in the hills, VERY VERY steep hills, so the caloric expenditure is higher than a flat terrain run. Plus with the altitude, my body is working in overdrive. 3 days a week, mid morning or early afternoon, I take a ballet or jazz class. Both at advanced levels. Both non stop dancing, high intensity for 90 mins. Drenched in sweat I am after every class! I enjoy this so much better than running, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Food has been good. I had a creme brulee yesterday. That wasn’t really on plan lol. But, I’m trying to just be a little lax for a little bit so that I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting for nearly 8 months… Which I have. Well off and on. I also had some syrah… MMMMMMM! Still woke up with my weight down!  But I’m not doing this everyday.

You know what I was thinking about… The Eastern USAs. When I talked to one of the judges, these are the things she suggested I work on:

1. Posing
2. Suit color and cut (suggested what I have now)
3. Better top for my posing suit (got a boob job, lol, but this was decided WAY before any of this. This was a choice 10 years in the making).

Nothing was mentioned about me adding muscle or anything. I kind of wanted to take things to the next level with a killer physique and trained to bring up my back, and worked my legs as well.

Someone mentioned to me that I should have kept things the same for this show with the minor changes mentioned. And that I should consider getting back to an improved version of that physique. All I needed to do was drop water (at the time I didn’t because I was so not sure about the whole peaking process and just wanted to stay simple). I know A LOT more now after a full year of studying nutrition from not only a sports perspective (which I already had) but how it applies to physique competitors. As I mentioned earlier in this post, at that point, I was 127 lbs. So getting back to that point is a goal of mine. But now I have the added bonus of an overall improved shape.

I’m going to continue to streamline my legs. Basically, no more power or strength training. Only high reps, bodyweight, full body motions in which they become involved by default. They are just genetically my strongest and most developped muscle group. So downsizing can be a challenge. I’m hoping selective overtraining can be the key.

So anyways. That’s my update. Down a few pounds, running my ass off, literally. Liking what I see in the mirror. Ready to rock.

Well right now. I’m ready to sleep. So I’m gonna nap, and then go for my ritual 7pm evening run.

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