Guess what this week is…


Let me explain.

So I was racking my brain about how I want to approach my peak. Now knowing by now how obessive compulsive I am about organization and such, I sat and drafted out exactly what I’ll do and adjust day by day. Of course this is all contingent upon how my body responds, and for that I’ll be watching closely.

Pretty simple plan. Mon-Wed decrease carbs, protein stays up, fat is moderate to low. Each of those 3 days, carbs will slightly decrease. I start with about 65g Mon and by Wed 50g. Depletion workouts on Mon/Tues. No workout Wed. Thursday is where the fun is at. For my current stats — 260g of carbs for the day!! Protein is high, fats are super low. REEEE-FEEEEED!!!!  Workout is strength/low volume/heavy. 

Fri back to normal plan as it has been to this point (well for the last 2.5/3 weeks that I changed it).

Since I’m testing the waters this week, Sat and Sun will be back to my normal plan too, and then I’ll repeat this on Monday as I’ll be officially peaking. Friday is the only exception where I will workout, but it will be a heavy power day. Peak weak, the last workout is Thursday.

Water is 2 gallons/day. No sodium load/cut.

It’s very Lyle McDonald in approach, but I’m confident that it will get the job done. I’ll do progress photos daily to track changes for myself (I will spare posting them I’m sure you’re sick of looking at my ass in a posing suit – literally). 

Everything is ready to go, got the diet drafted up in my template (like I’m my own client, oh cause wait I AM), training drafted up. The fun and silly part about this process is that as my own trainer and coach, I have this duality where I do everything for myself from menu/meal plan set up, training program set up, client profile for updates, etc as I would for any of my clients. It really keeps me on track and on a plan, so I’m never winging it, ever. I can’t wait to get to print it out tomorrow so I can carry it around and put it on my fridge for reference. I’m strange.

Sadly, Tuesday is my Bday and how much does it SUCK to have a bday mid prep. Well I was going to do a structured refeed on Tuesday so I can have some pasta, potatoes, and bread lol. But screw it, I’m in this shit to win it. Sooooo, I decided to have some treats today. So I had 1 chocolate chip cookie, one fat free ice-cream cone, a donut, and a glass of wine! Yaaay for going off plan. I haven’t done that in a long while so it was a nice mental break. Now that that’s done, I can focus on the task at hand. Bringing this body in as tight as I can.

I like this whole thing I’ve decided to call pre-peaking. It’s kinda like doing a back to back show, you know how you come in tighter the second one. Yeah so that’s the idea for now, just swing right into it after a 2 week cycle of depletion and loading. 

Whoooooo’s getting up to do 6am cardio??? I AM! Thankfully I’ll only be doing 2 cardio sessions – 45 mins a pop. Woot!

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