Damn it, damn it daaaaamn it! Don’t you HATE IT when you’re typing something and the stupid computer freezes on you or just closes your damn window. Well that’s what happened to me when I had written this GREAT post and was just at the end. My tablet started going bonkers and force closed on me and I lost all that work. I was madder than hell.   Oh well, I have better things to share now anyways.So, what’s been going on, what’s been going ooooon??? Well, I am doing grrreat! Girls don’t you hate it when you get your period. Ugh, as much as I love the idea that I’m fertile and healthy, I’m not planning on letting any of these eggs of mine hatch IF AT ALL or anytime soon so it’s just such a major inturruption when Aunt Flo wants to come on by and make a mess. Anyways. Sorry Sioux (since you’re one of the few guys actually reading this), but the girls know what I mean. Anyways. Aunt Flo not only likes to come by and leave a damn mess but she also brings with her PAIN and WEIGHT GAIN. Bitch. But anyways lol, after day 2/3 I’m all good. So I woke up this morning and looked at the scale… Wait for it… Wait for it….


That’s about a 3 lbs weight loss since I started on my new plan. My body is responding well and I’m loving it. Finally just droppin right into the plan. I use that a lot with my clients and myself, “droppin in.” That’s that point where you feel like you’ve got a complete handle on it all, diet and training, you’re super focused, and there’s just this confidence that you’re on track and you’re headed on a straight b-line toward your goals. You’re on the train and the next stop is success. Yeah! So that’s how I feel right now. All last week was kind of a crap shoot of testing how my body would respond to this new diet protocol. I’m on a CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet). I think I explained it earlier.  I’m basically cycling my carbs within keto levels, by the time Fri/Sat gets around, carbs are down to about 50g (start the week at 100g), and a huge refeed on Sundays. Protein and good fats are super high in comparison to a modified diet or carb cycling program. So it’s really detailed, but at the same time does produce some pretty quick fat loss results. And with 7 weeks left on the clock, girl has got to move it. The good news is that I don’t have much changes to make. Just keep the muscle I have (which this diet is really great for doing) and cutting down the fat. I’m no longer focusing on bringing down my size, just CONDITIONING CONDITIONING CONDITIONING. So for that I’m relying on my diet and my crazy workout sequences. Cardio is pretty much short and sweet. I’m doing 15 mins post workout 1x/week, 1 pre M1 run for 30 mins in the hills, then 1-2 dance classes on the weekend. That’s all. The sole purpose is glycogen depletion, and really my weight training is doing a bulk of that let me tell you!

So here is my most recent pic. Taken yesterday, the day after my carb refeed.

Holding a little water there, but my weight was actually DOWN 2 days following the refeed. I am LOVIN my shape. I feel like I have more curves and it suits me well. My muscles are fuller now, and I think I want to still bring down size just a tiny bit. I’m close though. I think by the time peak week arrives, I want to be at about 130. I feel best there, and then with upping my water I’ll release more water so it will likely put me closer once again to 128 as I was at the Tournament of Champions. I think I look my best around that weight. I know weight isn’t the greatest quotient in the equation, but to be honest, it plays just a small role as a marker so to speak. So I like to use it when it comes to stepping on the stage. If I fall below that number or slightly above it but I still have the LOOK I’m aiming for, no biggie at all. It’s just a simple goal ballpark figure.

Yesterday was a really funny day. I had a number of people congratulate me on my win. This was at Gold’s so that was pretty awesome!  i also had a number of people telling me I look fabulous now, one person said phenomenal. One of those people was Jon Lindsay! He’s pretty much the primary promoter for all the shows here in Cali, so that was pretty awesome for him to say I looked great then and yesterday as well! So heck, girl is on track. 

Some random stories. I saw Dexter a few days after the Olympia. We talked for a little. He was really disappointed. I tried to cheer him up by telling him how good he looked etc. But I could tell he was really upset with himself. He’s doing the Arnold Europe next. This is such a crazy industry you know. One minute you find yourself on top, the next minute there’s someone bigger, stronger, leaner, etc that you just can’t catch up with. And it must be a trip to go from the absolute top of the heap to not getting there or having people doubt you can get there ever again. You’ve got to be so strong mentally and just always keep your eyes on the road ahead. One funny thing he did was about 10 mins later when we finished our convo and I was taking a break from my set and he pinch/poke my waist, lol. I almost socked him, it scared the shit out of me. 

Anyways. My morning run has me feeling like I’m high. That’s all.


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