LOL I’ll actually be doing a shoot in about 2 weeks, I have quite a number lined up in fact. This one will be one with curly hair, no suit though because I’m updating my portfolio. I will be wearing a bathing suit, and you guys will get to see me shot with the curly curls lol.With the CKD it can be a bit tricky because it can take the body about 3 weeks to really feel like it restabilizes itself energy wise etc with this specific protocol. As opposed to a straight keto diet where the adaptive time is a little less for most. The other tricky thing is that if your carbs aren’t low enough and you teeter on the brink between being in ketosis and not can be killer on your energy levels etc. So finding the right adjustment is key. I’m in week 2 and I’m pretty adjusted now. The first week was crazy, felt like a brick wall hit me.  But now I’m all good! My workouts are great too. I center the carbs in my diet around my workouts (pre, peri, and post). The high fat level is ok for me because I tend to balance it out by way of fish oils, unsweetened almond and coconut milk, peanut butter, olive oil, salmon, and lean beef. Also the fats that occur naturally in chicken and fish are counted. So it actually isn’t too bad. Makes me feel fuller that’s for sure. It feels good for this current prep, my body is responding well. I needed something to get me to the end result safely within 7 weeks, so this has been a good choice. The carb ups are my favorite days though! Mmmmmm love my carbs! 


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