A Sneak Peek at My Peak Week: Day 1 Prepping for My Best

Ok so since I get so many emails and questions about that elusive last week leading up to a show, I decided to open up my prep to show how I get ready.  Now keep in mind, show to show, this changes.  And that’s simply because each show you’ll be at a different place physically.  Whether that place is right on track, ahead of schedule, far behind or what have you, you can only go from where you are at present and work from there.

For this show – my 3rd of 4th for this year – I was already ahead of the game.  Having been dieting since January, I was pretty lean with loads of muscle.  Which I explained in earlier posts/videos was a problem, and one I’ve addressed successfully in fixing.  Now here I am, the FINAL WEEK!  And I’m ready to rock and roll.  So without further adieu, here we go.

Today was kind of a rest day.  The calm before the storm if you will.  I took today off because I did workout yesterday and even then I was feeling pretty tired – muscularly.  I want to come in nice and strong this week with my workouts, even though it’s greatly scaled back.

I also ate  a little more loosely today.  Again, I’m already lean so I wasn’t too concerned about one day of not following a full plan to the t.  In the morning I had oats (40g) w/ 2 oz of almond milk (vanilla unsweetened) and a tsp of maple syrup (100% pure).  Next meal, 90g Chicken breast w/ 100g sweet potatoes (roasted no oil, just garlic and sea salt).  Then I had a small cookie :-).  And my final meal was 90g of chicken breast with veggies (bok choy, leeks, broccoli).  I seasoned it with 10 mL of lite soy sauce, 4g of crushed ginger (fresh), and 4g of crushed lemon grass (also fresh).

I’ve become very creative with my cooking.  Really it’s the only way I’ve been able to keep my sanity and enjoy this process for nearly a full year.  The list of herbs and spices I have in the cabinet is ridiculous!  But I swear it makes eating clean so much more enjoyable.  I prefer cooking everything beforehand, like my chicken, fish, beef, and just picking out what I need.  Measure it and either just heat it up in the microwave, or concocting something new in the pan with some different herbs and spices.  I normally will cook everything very basically when I stow it away.  The staples are seasoning w/ salt/pepper/garlic/onion.  From that simple base, you an add layers of other flavors and come up with something COMPLETELY new!

Enough food talk.  It’s making me hungry again!

My water consumption is up to 2 gallons all week.  It will remain high all the way through Friday.  Saturday it returns to normal.  I don’t cut sodium, I pretty much only deplete my carbs and refeed on Thursday.  By Friday and Saturday, I’m full, tight, and just right!

Everyday this week I’ll update my blog with pics, my menu for the day, exercise, and more.  I’m excited to see how this week will end.  So ready to rock out!

Damn I want some coffee now…

Mmmmm, coffee…..

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