Aaaah!  I was really looking forward to today.  Wednesday is the calm before the storm.  My day of rest.  It also happened to be the day where my carbs were the lowest, and I have to admit, right now I’m really craving a soft moist, gooey, chocolate chip fresh baked cookie.  Thank GOD I have the willpower to not go right up into the mall near my house and go straight to the Baker’s Dozen counter to pick up the cookies I love.  The consolation is the fact that I look like I’m walking around with a 24/7 full body pump that I dare not to ruin it!

Felt like trying on the old jewelry and getting the hair did up a bit to test out some possible looks for Saturday.  Of course the full effect won’t be seen until I’m tanned, made-up, and fully primed for the stage.  But this is just a wee little taste.  Me likey!

Pretty much, since nothing big really happened workout wise, it was all about the diet.  Today was comprised of mostly protein and fats here and there.  I ended up dropping the sweet potato in my meal 2 and replaced it with almonds instead just to be sure I’m fully depleted and ready for my refeed set for tomorrow.  Here’s what the plan looked like:


Simple easy.  I am tired though.  I have this craving for coffee lately like mad!  I found these amazing flavors, Coconut Macaroon and Sea Salt Caramel, that taste SO yummy with a little Sun Crystals (stevia/sugar blend sweetener).  I put in a little pure vanilla extract and cinnamon too.  OOOH so yummy.  But seriously, I can’t be turning into a coffee fiend.

Tomorrow is my scheduled refeed.  My only one this week.  This is the time where I will now load up on some carbs (a mix of slow digesting and refined ones) to bring some fullness to my muscles and drive some sub q water into there as well.  I tested the carbs out last week that I’ll use, and I came in nice and full all the way through Saturday.  So this will be EXCELLENT as my first meal will be… PANCAKES!  Real pancakes that I’ll make myself.  Also on the agenda, sweet potatoes, rice, pasta and tomato sauce, and whole wheat flour tortillas (I’m gonna make  a fajita).  Fats will be SUPER low (around 25-30g for the day), carbs SUPER high, and protein about 1xBW.  I’ll be pretty much at maintenance calories, and I can’t wait, my body is really CRAVING a refeed.  The only thing that sucks is the up and down glycogen rush.  Hell screw it, I’ll take it!  Expect lots of food porn tomorrow.

I’m off to prep my meals!

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