Great day today! And it’s only 6am. Weight is down, looking tight. I’m now getting excited for Nationals. REALLY excited. Ready to hit the stage. This was my hardest prep yet. But I think it’s a good preparation for next year and setting new goals, now feeling like a seasoned competitor, and really ready to get down and do the damn thang on the stage. I’m so thankful for the tremendous growth I’ve had over the last year. This show is the accumulation of all of that, and I think it’s going to be my best yet.

I treated myself to a new gym membership, joined Equinox here in LA. They acquired the old Sports Club LA which was a high end luxury gym. I’m talking this place was/is like a huge spa, valet parking, salon and restaurant in the gym. The amenitites are amazing. Sauna, steamroom, jacuzzi. Amazing spa services and massage therapists. It costs a grip, $175/month, but hell if you’ve got it to spend why not. I need someplace to go to soak and pamper this body I beat up every damn day, and it’s nice to be in a calmer environment than Gold’s, so yeah! Very excited. Heading there today after my ballet class, gonna do some upper body, then steam and jacuzzi. I may make use of the pool there too at some point. They have a Jr. Olympic sized pool there. But I’m going to wait until after the show to add that variety. I’m also excited to jump into the spin and yoga classes. They have some of the best in LA.

What’s awesome is that to most of the cities I would travel to, they have locations there. So in Miami, I’m all covered. I was worried about that, but the membership director said I will have access to Equinox South Beach, and I have a hook up too at The Sports Club LA on South Beach. Swwwweeeeet!!!


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