Feeling strong and energized. My right shoulder/lat has been SUPER tight lately. Been digging in it with a tennis ball that seems to help. I notice it’s slightly elevated when I’m typing and on the computer. And since I do that A LOT it’s probably leading to some major imbalances. So it looks like I will be first in line for a deep tissue massage. I’m thinking of getting one this week to work it out a bit. It’s more under the shoulder blade that I feel it, so I need someone to really get in there.

About to hit the gym in a few hours. I absolutely LOVE being at Equinox. I didn’t realize so many people would even remember me from the days when I worked there when it was The Sports Club LA. However EVERYONE has been running up to me, so happy to see me, and complimenting me on my new physique. So I have to be cordial or they’ll discover that I can be a total bitch when I’m not getting paid to be nice to people…. LOL, just kidding about that last part… Sort of.

Anyways!! haha.  

I feel sooo strong and energized. These last 12 days are literally me sailing in. The other day after my workout, I had some sushi and that hit the spot really nice. Had a bran muffin on saturday which was my first in AGES. Giant ass bowl of pasta about a week and a half ago. Keeping the carbs up to stay full.

I’m likely going to be stepping on stage around 134-135. Team U, I was 132. TOC, I was 128. Honestly, I felt REALLY small at TOC. Looking back at photos I had gotten really tiny. My body was feeling it as well. I had increased cardio, dieted a little harder. I was tired and irritable, and I had to go WAY beyond my comfort zone to get that tiny. In a way that was kind of like, ok if I keep doing this I am going to SURELY rebound and fuck my shit up. So I’ve come to the acceptance that I have muscle and I love it. Fuck it. Because what would happen is that let’s say I did turn pro at some point, then I’d have to work to put all that size BACK on again to be competitive with the pros out there. That’s stupid, so I’m going to just see what the judges say when I get on stage. This time I’m going to go after feedback as I feel I am bringing a good package to the stage and they can have a better idea of where I need to go from here.

Here is 15 weeks of work.

The focus for me over the last 15 weeks has been to totally reshape my body. I think that’s what the biggest issue was for me. It wasn’t or isn’t that I’m too muscular (or else I would never have placed as well as I have thus far), it was just that my balance and symmetry were off. Top to bottom symmetry was what the issue was. My legs overpowered my upper body. I had a good base to work with, but balancing it is a must as I carry all of my weight in my legs. So I really shifted focus to build up my back and shoulders to balance out the lower half, and to actually streamline my legs as well.

My program is a big mix of things. I follow a periodized plan that evolves as my body and show schedule does. As of late, with the 4 shows I’ve had this year, I’ve shifted between high rep/endurance work, low rep/strength work, and power (both max power and power endurance work). So just moving between those spectrums has helped me to get the most out of my training in as little time as possible. Cardio has been all over the gamut depending on what look I was trying to achieve. From doing almost none, to doing a shit load. Now I’m in the middle, I do it, don’t over do it, and I do things I actually like. I’ve shifted away from the mindset of not really doing any during prep or at any other time during training. This is mostly because for me, I’m far more interested in finding a balance between aesthetics AND performance, and in order to keep up with the workouts I design for myself, I HAVE TO be physically fit on the cardiovascular level. My stuff ain’t no joke. So anyways, yeah, I think I’ve accomplished my goal.

Now, my focus is to just maintain conditioning, and drop water over the next 12 days or so. I’m upping water to 1.5 gallons this week, next week I’ll be at 2 gallons per day up to Friday. Front loading depletion and having 2 huge refeeds between now and showtime to really stay full. So the final touches begin.

I can see the finish line. There’s cheesecake at the end of it!! 


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