Whewwwww! Things are now starting to move REALLY QUICK! It seems like weeks ago I was PRAYING for this shit to hurry up. Now my countdown app says that I am 6 days out from the main event.

Well this whole thing can’t POSSIBLY go over without a hitch. My left psoas FLARED UP like a mofo out of nowhere. This considering the fact for the last two weeks my training has become more upper body centric. I did the elliptical the other day for SS pre meal 1 cardio, about 40 mins, and maybe that did it. Or maybe I did come crazy contortion move in my sleep and jacked it up. I have NO idea but hurts like hell and I have a sweet limp.

Well HAD one. I’ve been foam rolling, tennis balling, and hand massaging the hell out of it. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to reach your psoas by hand when your trunk ain’t nothing but trained muscle. Anyways, got to it, hurt like hell but kept at it. Then did some static stretching, lots of ice compression, and rested today. I was supposed to not workout tomorrow and have my last workout on Tuesday during my refeed, but I switched it up a bit. Thankfully again though, no more lower body anyways, so it will be able to heal. I also took some Aleve so the pain has subsided. I normally don’t bloat from NSAIDs so I hope that this will remain the case. The two gallons of water I’ll be drinking until Friday will help with any excess water/retention lol, so it’ll be all good.

Anyways, I can still work the hell out of my clear heels, pain or no pain. The show must always go on! I’m not letting anything stop me! 

Man I feel really good right now. So focused. Ready to step on stage and be CALM, sans the nerves. I feel like a veteran now, got this down, done it a million times. It’s funny, as I prep my food and pack my stuff, I feel like “yeeeah boooi, I’m so legit.”  Anyways, gotta have fun with it.

Ok enough drivel for now. Got to finish getting stuff together, and eat some tilapia!

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