She rocks!

On a side note, I’ve only been back in LA for one day, and things are a brewing. I’m gonna have some great news to share soon. 

It’s so awesome to eat normally again. Body is still rock hard taking in all this goodness lol. I’ve been waiting for the beached whale effect to take place. My body has something else in mind I guess. The only thing that has been happening to me that is no bueno is that I had a latte in the morning and later on some chocolate milk post workout today. I think I’m really sensitive to lactose because the gas effect in my body is out of this world. I stopped drinking milk pretty much all year. Only having a small serving of ice cream (fat free) here or there post workout. Yeah we won’t be doing the milk thing anymore…

I feel on top of the world. Everyone at the gym (one of the gyms that I workout in – I have 3 memberships) had been watching the show postings on Facebook this weekend and they were all excited about my pics etc. Feels good to come home to a little mini celebration and congrats.

And I already have the first show picked for 2012. And no, it’s not going to be the Arnolds.


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