I’m still jet lagged as all hell. I’m finding myself falling asleep at 8pm in like a serious deep zombie coma drooling at the mouth kind of sleep! And then waking up BEFORE the crack of dawn at 4/4:30 am!!  It’s the most draining thing ever. I’m going to stay up until 11pm ish tonight just to get my body to restabilize itself.

I worked out today and yesterday. Knocked out back yesterday and glutes/shoulders. Man I put up 185 lbs in my RDLs! It’s been a while since I’ve hit that kind of poundage since I had been dieting a great portion of this year. Threw up some 30 lbs DB shoulder presses too for about 8-10 reps, 50 lbs with my single arm row. And although this isn’t super heavy compared to some, again, being dieted down hell I wasn’t throwing around THIS much weight for a while…

Afterall my body is going to need the work. Hell I need to hang with the other fierce divas in the WPD, and it feels so freeing to allow my body to actually reach its fullest potential.

So that’s announcement one. I’m doing WPD and my first show is April 14th in the Grand Prix Los Angeles. It’s held in conjuction with Cali’s first WP Pro Show! I was going to wait to announce this, but my training is changing and my body with it and I couldn’t keep it secret for long. Plus I’ve had SO MANY people approach me after the show and ask me on FB if I would consider the switch so the cat is kind of out of the bag.

I’ve been spending SO MUCH time just going back and looking over recent contest photos of the WP winners and new pros. Inspired indeed. I’ve also been going even further back into the classic women’s early FBB’s like Corey Everson, Carla Dunlap, Rachel McLish, Lisa Lyon, Sharon Bruneau, Lenda Murray, and others who were prominent in the sport. It’s really interesting because it seems like the look of the division follows suit with these more classic type of physiques and I find so much inspiration in looking back and studying these women. I feel like I’m making the right decision because so much of prep for me has become about breaking down this hard earned muscle I’ve developed over the years, and sort of not fully appreciating the physique that my body is maturing into over time. It feels good to actually now feel like I have a place again in the world of competing and not feel like I should quit because I’m “too much” for xyz division.

So here I am, starting ALL OVER AGAIN! Evolving into something totally new. I’m kinda nervous. I mean now I have to learn how to properly execute the mandatories, and I have to have a posing routine down etc. I’ve been watching various posing routines from various federations just to get some inspiration as to what I’d possibly like to do to present my own physique.

And now that I’m getting into this new division, I REALLY feel more comfortable having a few sets of eyes on me guiding the way. I am currently in the process of setting up the coaching situation, so I’ll follow up with that as soon as I straighten it all out.

Whew! I suck at keeping secrets. But here’s to a productive off season, and a rock em sock em 2012! 


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