Ok so today’s workout… Chest and Tri’s!! Nice mixed variables program (did some heavy/low rep, and moderate weight/high rep). 

Set up was as follows:

Bench press – incline 
2 warm up sets
Working Sets:
1s x12r 55#
1s x 10r 60#
2s x 8 65#

DB flat press w/ rotation at top
1 x 12 20#
1 x 10 25#
1 x 8 27.5#
1x 8 32.5#

Single arm alternating integrated press 
1 x 15 left/right 20#
1 x 20 left/right 20# (incline)

Tricep ext rope
1 x 12 20#
1 x 10 25#
2 x 8 27.5# 

Was going to do one more tricep exercise, however I had to cut my workout short.

A few hours after my workout, I decided to get in some posing practice with my mandatories. I’m trying to get used to holding them, and just finding the best angles for my physique. This is my first time recording them, so here ya go!

I’ve started working on my routine. I must say, me likey me likey. But I’m not gonna show that one til closer to the show… 

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