I was cleaning up some things and rearranging on my website and I came across this post/article I wrote a while back that was supposed to be submitted for a project I was working on, but ended up not using it. So instead I put it on my website. Anyways, I thought that so many here would relate so just wanted to share some thoughts that came in my mind not only on the day I wrote this, but today as well suddenly:

So it’s Saturday morning right, and it was about 7am. My alarm rings and I hit the snooze button so that I can get up and start my day.

But what was on my agenda was not training others, was not running errands. Instead my early morning rooster call was my alert to get up and get to the gym.

I admit it. I’m human. I’m like everyone else. Sometimes I don’t really want to get out of my warm cozy bed, snug under the fluffy down comforter, but there was a great force driving me forward this particular morning. As I lay there, I thought about an interesting statistic. Right now, 68% of Americans are overweight or obese. That’s just about 2 out of 3 people. That’s well over half the population. Hell, that’s almost the entire population. And I think, how did we get here? And how can myself and those like me REALLY make a difference. I mean after all, one’s health (and sometimes depending on the situation) or the the lack there of, is within that person’s hand. There is NO amount of coaxing, placating, pleasing, begging, motivating, encouraging, or pushing that I can do to get someone else to take charge of their own lives. But it’s almost like now, our society has become so complacent that, damn people aren’t even COMPELLED to move and to change their lifestyles even if their lives depended on it. I know people who would actually sit and stay as they are rather than to go through change for the better just out of fear. FEAR. A powerful emotion, and I think it doesn’t have to do with people being lazy than it has to do with the fear of facing reality of what they’ve been doing all their lives. And then facing and owning up to the fact that they could have done something sooner to prevent their current situation. Fearing it’s too late, they figure why even start now.

Then I thought to myself about the other end of the equation. That leaves 32% of us who are not considered overweight, who may be “normal” weight by today’s standards. Then even further are those like me. The mighty few. The anomaly. The ones who are working toward the absolute PEAK of what the human body can become. And I’m not just talking bodybuilders or anything like that. I’m talking about those of us who are strong, athletic, and agile. Those of us who push the boundaries of speed, power, force production, endurance, and quickness. It’s funny because working out is SO MUCH more than the gym. And I think that’s why I stick to it. To me, it’s about how far can I make my body evolve into the perfect specimen of what the female human body can be. Imagine someone who’s fast, who can switch direction on the drop of a dime; a woman who can pull and push her own bodyweight against gravity, I swear to God, I think I’m trying to turn into her:

Wonder Woman!

Or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes. But I digress. What I find very interesting is that people are so unaccustomed to seeing extremely fit people that you almost become an anomaly. And that can be a blessing or a curse. A curse because ignorant and highly insecure people are mean and try to put you down for your prowess (enter cues: “You’re too muscular” – “Women with muscle must use steroids” – “Are you a dude?”) because they hate themselves. And a blessing because if you are someone like me who has dedicated their time and a great amount of their life and career to the science behind exercise and optimal human physical development, you have a vehicle of which can inspire others.

And I think that’s what it’s all about. Despite statistics and the not so hip views about working out and being healthy consistently, it’s so important for you to push to be YOUR best. To become a part of a fast fading group of people who make the choice to be the example for others. Because we may be the single person in the life of someone whom we care about who encourages that person to take control and change, and then the same happens to them, and they continue to pass on the trend. And THAT’S how one can influence a nation to once again be fit and active.

Since I was a little girl, I always knew that my place in this world is to inspire. I never knew how I’d do that, or what the hell would allow me to get there. So it’s quite ironic that now, in my THIRTIES (I look young huh, I know lol, POW, that’s what taking care of yourself will do) I’ve fallen right into place with what I feel my life’s purpose is.

So if this post today can inspire someone to get up and be their best, to find other ways to incorperate activity outside of the gym, and to have the courage to go against the grain and start caring more for what’s going on INSIDE of their body as much as they do the exterior, then I think I’m well on my way to fulfilling that purpose.

Go forth and just do it (thanks Nike for the BEST slogan ever).

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