So as of today I am going on my annual (from now on lol) 2 week FULL break from diet and training. I’ve actually been on a diet break since Nationals. And basically for me that means simply not following a plan, eating just as I would normally, not measuring per se, and having indulgences here and there. It’s funny because when I eat like that, I don’t crave junk etc too often, but instead I do have some sweets from time to time as I feel. Even in this holiday time, no problems with overeating etc. I’m just mindful right now to keep my protein intake up and my carbs up as well. I never have crappy food in my house, and really nothing that I can just pop in my mouth without prepping and cooking. So it works out well. lol

I’m on my TOM right now, and as usual my weight shot up a little bit. 142.3 this morning, but I’m happy about that as I was 139 a few days ago so it will normalize again in a few days. I have a goal of settling in the low 140’s by the time I start my prep mid January. So looks like I got some mo’ eating to do.

Training is going well. I really love the shape of my body. I’m excited to see what I’ve got cooking once show time hits. I think I’m in line to bring an even more improved physique in 2012 than I did in 2011, and really that’s what it’s all about IMO. I need to send in my swatches to Amy for approval so that I can get my suit and start stoning. I’m looking forward to doing that actually, and I have a bit of an idea of the design I’d like to create. I’m getting two this year as I may have metioned. Gold and pink! But anyways, training wise I need a break to allow my body to just rest and reset. In my breaks I like to focus on stretching/flexiblity so Bikram Yoga will be in the picture, as well as deep tissue massage, and lots of espom salt baths lol. At the Equinox sports club that I belong to, they have an amazing jaccuzi, steam and sauna. So that will be where I will be LIVING all next week lol. I had a massage appt yesterday, and it was SO amazing. I have quite a number of kinks and compensations that my MT said needed to be worked on. And it’s funny that I really started to notice them as I began practicing posing etc. So I’m hoping that by the next time I step on stage I will be more balanced and not have any weird issues with keeping my shoulders even while posing. 


Wow! 2011 is almost done, and a new page begins.

I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for me. This last one was really satisfying, and to think things can get better is very inspiring. I’m ready for the work.

Here’s the 2012 plan:
April – NPC Grand Prix and Emerald Cup
June – NPC Jr. Nats (if I qual)
July – USAs (if I qual)
Aug – North Americans (if I qual) — MAYBE not solid on it but just a thought depending on how I feel, always wanted to try the NA’s.

If the Grand Prix or the Emerald Cup don’t lead to qualifying for WPD on the national level I’ll just go back to the drawing board and improve whatever the judges say needs work, and then do a local show instead of the National shows. But we’ll see!

Yay 2012, BRING IT! Until 2012, signing off!

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