So I am the type that practices posing AD NASEUM. I pretty much practice posing and go over my routine pretty much everyday. Or at least 4-5x/week if I don’t do it everyday.

So I’m trying to really get these mandatories down. I still have a lot of tweaking to do. My right shoulder/back gives me issues. I have some tightness in my teres major, subscapularis, and pec minor, so when I pose, it pulls my arm into all kinds of directions. My shoulder goes up, and I notice in my back double bi the arm goes up higher than the left and my ability to really flex my bicep is inhibited.   I’m definitely going to start doing massage twice a month (deep tissue) and just focus on rolling the HELL out of that area to loosen it up. Although my MT says that it’s actually the left side that’s all frozen, but I don’t feel any issues there, only my right where it’s tight as hell. Getting old kinda sucks. 

Anyways, weight is up to 143.2. Although I probably still have a few more days left on my period, I’m pretty sure it’s right because I have been drinking a glass of wine a night, enjoying some sweets here and there, and my water consumption is a sin… I’m buying my gallons today and keeping them IN HAND from now on. Not worried though, I feel good, look good, and I’m ready to get things poppin in 2012.

I’ll post more posing pics later. I’ve got to get to the post office.

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