Ok was playing around with some stuff today. I needed to come up with a prejudging routine in case one is asked for in either any local/state/regional shows, but definitely one for the National level shows since they are required.

I had a few major points that I kept in mind:

  1. Hit all the mandatories in the routine. All 5
  2. Make sure they are clearly seen and hold for a few secs before transitioning to the next one
  3. Make the transitions between the mandatories smooth and something that won’t bore the audience, judges, or myself to death
  4. Show my personality and a little personal style
  5. Make it a little different than my night routine since there’s no music and it needs to adapt to whatever the heck is playing.

My night routine is pretty fun, and goes specifically with the song I chose. This one, I wanted to be a bit smoother and just about hitting the poses and showcasing my physique. So I created this in like 10 mins. Which means, there’s still a lot of tweaking to do. It’s just a little start, I was just screwin around. I don’t want to make it too dance like, but I don’t want to just be posing every 5 secs without anything personal in it that showcases me.   Oooooy veeeey!

Man I can’t wait to see what the judges are actually expecting for this because sometimes I feel like, ok well I guess I’ll just make this ish up based upon what I see online lol.

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