Oooook! So, I went MIA for a few days because it got really busy in my neck of the woods, and pretty much I’ve been just conking out around 9pm only to wake the next morning at either 5 or 6am. And it’s always so funny because I’ll get in bed, slip under the covers, and totally have the intention of watching whatever program is on tv that I like. But within a few minutes, I’M KNOCKED OUT! And I don’t even remember falling asleep, I get pass out. lol I guess my body needed it. But I’m feeling good as of late.

So the last time I left off, I was talking about my refeed day. I began the day at 140.6 lbs, I ended it at 142 lbs by Friday AM. I had a glass of wine on Friday night with a friend as we ranted about some drama plus I still keep carbs a little higher on Friday (drop it to half of Thursdays intake), so I was around 142.6 on Saturday. Sunday AM, back down to 142. So it’s slowly dropping off. Nice! I’m nice and full today, and my abs are starting to come back in, legs are coming in too. I’ll do some progress photos tomorrow. But in any case this was me in the midst of refeeding in my watery gloriousness:

Yeah for rentention! We love feeling beach whaley! lol Not.

Anyways as for my refeed selection…

I like to get a mix of good stuff and junky stuff. Helps in killing of the cravings, satisfies the sweet tooth, and makes this process not so crazy that it feels like death. So for me, most of the carbs I choose will be good stuff (for a refeed) like white rice, mashed potatoes (no butter), white pasta. Then I like to also have my pancakes or sugary cereal, those pancakes of course would have some syrup on it (love pure maple syrup actually), and gotta have either fat free ice cream or frozen yogurt. And some way or another rice crispy treats or my new fav Cocoa Pebbles Treats will find their way into the mix too but to a smaller degree. And I also love having Sushi on my refeed days as well! Uuuggh I freakin LOVE sushi.

So for this week’s selection, this is what my refeed carbs were:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Spaghetti w/ Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

Sushi! – (Rice wrapped with Tuna Sashimi, topped w/ Spicy Shrimp – but I asked the chef to skip the mayo they use to make the spicy sauce) They huge rolls, I had 2 of them!

Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Fro Yo

I was so stuffed by the end of the day, but it felt amazing. I normally like to push my workouts to the evening on my refeed days, just a personal preference. Plus the eye candy at the gym is so much hotter at night .

My work that day is always heavy! So here’s what went down in the jungle:

Rack Pulls (freakin LOVE!)
3 Warm Up Sets
S1 – 185# x 6r
S2 – 205# x 6r
S3 – 225# Triples
S4 and S5 – 245# Doubles (lost grip on 2nd round)
S6 – 245# Single – FRIED AFTER THIS! But new PR for my rack
**Used hooks as my grip still needs some work for these heavier lifts. I take anywhere between 3-5 mins between sets with the heavier lifts, so this normall takes me a while.

Incline Bench Press
2 Warm Up Sets
S1 – 65# 12r
S2 – 75# 10r
S3 and 4 – 80# 6r
New PR for me – I’m just now starting to really focus on going into the lower rep range for chest now that it’s a bigger factor as far as size and shape is concerned with WPD (side chest pose). Before I’d go heavy, but not in the super low rep ranges, so just factoring in some new things to see how my body responds.

Assisted Pull Ups
S1 and 2 – 78# of my own BW x 8r – Wide Grip
S3 and 4 – 78# of my own BW x 10r – Narrow Grip (palms facing each other)

Machine Chest Fly
S1 – 40# 12r
S2 – 45# 10r
S3 – 50# – 8r

Friday skipped my workout because I was just having a really bad day. It KILLED my mood and my attempt to workout was an EPIC fail.

Yesterday did a workout set up called Chippers (some call it Ladders). It was a power day, and I wanted one of the guys at the gym where I train my clients (and do my own power based workouts at) to check my form on my Olympic Lifts and just make sure I was doing certain things right. He’s an awesome strength and conditioning coach, pretty bad ass actually and has my respect.  So we went over those things and worked the oly bars, then we put together a workout. All power based with some Oly lifts mixed in using various modalities. So some things were barbell, some sandbag, some med ball, some kettlebell. We also threw in some TRX and bodyweight stuff.

The workout starts with an exercise done for 100r. Now it doesn’t have to be in a row, but you get in as many as you can until you can’t do anymore, stop for a min to recover, then dive right in and finish till you hit 100r. Then the next exercise, same thing, but this time 90r. Then the next 80, then 70, then so on and so forth until you get down to the last exercise that’s peformed for 10r. As you go lower in reps, the exercise gets progressively harder as you do the most difficult exercise w/ the least reps. It took about an hour to complete but it was freakin KILLER! I was drenched with sweat, I fell out on the floor, and I picked my face up as I realized how that workout totally owned my ass. Some of the things we mixed in were:

Push Ups (100 r)
KB Swings (90r)
Med Ball Front Squats (80r)
Med Ball OH High wall throws (70r)
Med Ball Cleans (60r)
TRX Full Body Rows (50r)
Sandbag Cleans (40r)
Jumping Pull Ups (30r)
Barbell Push Press (no squat) (20r)
Sandbag Snatch + Burpee (10r)

We wanted to put the Oly lifts in there as the base of our program as sort of a multi modality drill for me. It was insane. But hey, I love training like this! Who the hell needs cardio when this is SO MUCH more fun and effective, right!!

Today is pampering, going to do a nice jacuzzi soak, steam room, sauna, and just chill. Tomorrow starts this cycle all over again.


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