Ok folks! 5:37am here. I don’t have to be anywhere except at the gym later to kill my workout. I did wake up early to get a jump on updating some of my clients’ programs as I like to get their updates back to them as quickly as possible. I was thinking last night about how much I really love coaching. In fact over the last year, my business has really shifted from doing LESS in person training and MORE online training and coaching. Even the women I train in person are all women who either compete, want to compete, or just love training like athletes. It dawned on me that even if I never make it myself to the IFBB, then at least I know that through finding the path of competitions, I kind of found my calling on an even broader level.

What I love most about the WPD is that it is an amazing opportunity for me to finally combine my extensive experience as a performer on stage with the hardcore training and all the science behind it at the gym into one giant ball of fabulousness! I’m still kind of nervous because I have NO idea where this division is heading, sometimes I feel like I’m on track with the look, other times I fear if I have to get any bigger than I am now. If I see that I don’t fit in, I’d likely stop competing and just focus on putting others on stage and making me proud! I get just as much joy out of that too.

Well enough of that sappy shit. I think I’m PMS’ing. Anyways. I don’t know I feel like I want to try something different as far as my program is concerned for this week. I’m going to split my workout into 2. One day time program, and one night time program. In the day, I will do a circuit full body type of program more focused on keeping the HR up and keeping a cardiovascular pace. Very functional movements, more athletic type of stuff, speed, power, etc. Then the evening program will all consist of one body part per day. So tonight I’ll hit back since it’s my favorite single part to train next to shoulders lol. Tues – chest, wed – legs. The double sessions will be Mon-Wed. Thursday is my refeed day, one session, I will focus on shoulders, bi’s, tri’s. Friday is off (carbs are still on the higher side), Saturday is my power day, so lots of plyos and Olympic lifts, track sprints, etc. Sunday is off.

I did a program like this sometime last year, kicked my ass, but boy did my body come in pretty fierce.


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