Sneak peek!

I took this earlier today, it wasn’t finished then. I’m now finished and doing the extra touches. I don’t think the pic does it justice. It looks really nice on!

Workout wise, I didn’t hit my training today. I had to take a CPR class to renew both my training AND CPR certification. My NASM cert needs to be renewed by next month so I had to get this done so I can submit my materials for recertification. I could do that damn thing with my eyes closed by this point lol (the CPR). Thankfully we breezed through the course and we were out much earlier than the schedule indicated.

I had a little bit of a treat tonight. A glass of red wine. Damn it makes me feel SOO woozy, I can’t even type. So this will probably be my last glass for a long while. I just can’t take the up and down when dieting.

Tomorrow I’ll do my workout that I was supposed to hit today. OLY LIFTS!!! Ugh I can’t wait!


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