So this is the suit on, and unfinished, lol.

Anyways I figure it would be a good time to mark this date with a progress photo. I’m happy to finally see my abs starting to make it’s debut. Thanks rectus abdominis
for coming out and playing. Noice!

My body responds very quickly to training, so it blows my mind how quickly everything is changing. Makes you wanna get up and do a happy dance lol.

So anyways, I’m being silly. This progress follows the double session training cycle that I set up like this:

AM – Metabolic Cirucit
PM – Back

AM Metabolic Circuit
PM – Chest

Wed – OFF

Thurs – Refeed
Shoulders and Bi’s Tri’s

Fri – OFF

Sat – Power/Oly lifts

Sun 0FF

So this week is a week of scaling back, then next week I’ll be back on that plan. So 2 weeks on, a week off.

Metabolic Circuit

Wed – Off

Thurs – Back/Bi’s
Fri – Chest/Tri’s
Sat – Shoulders

Sun – OFF

Wed I may do some cardio (run outdoors/hills). That will be fun. I feel like going for a run and it’s supposed to be like in the high/mid 70s this week. The hills will be an inviting program change.

So anyways, HERE WE GO MOFO’S. 11 weeks to make this baby pop! I’m ready to OWN the gym this week. 


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