Ok so, yesterday morning, day after the refeed. Weight jumped up to 142.6. 1.6 lbs over my scale weight refeed morning. Was a little smoothed over, abs went bye bye a bit, but overall not too bad. This morning, 48 hrs later, 141.6 lbs. One pound off… Nice! Let’s see where I settle. I bet you by next Monday I’ll be sitting somewhere in the high 130s. I’m gonna throw in a number and say 139’s. Which would put me at about 5-6 lbs over what I’m likely aiming at for my first show. Which is about 10 weeks away as of today. 

So take a look at this. This pic was about 2 days before the Cali State show, I was about 135/136 here.

I really like that conditioning and muscularity. My posing was an issue here because I was posing in a way that didn’t downplay my size FOR FIGURE. But w/ WPD I think I’ll be just fine. And just think, this was last year. And between this pic and now my body has made some HUGE changes in shape. Shoulders are fuller and more capped, arms are bigger and more dense (I actually LOVE my double bicep pose, I have PEAKS now and I nice set of triceps to go with em!), legs are much more streamlined as well. So if I can get this conditioning, or actually a bit tighter, I’m in good territory.

Anyways, damn I’m always freakin analysing shit in my journal! lol Well here’s some fun news, going to the LA Fit Expo today. Yay. I’ll try to remember to take some pics.

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