Ok so some good and bad news. First the bad news.

I didn’t take a single photo at the LA Fit Expo lol.  That’s because I’m really not the type of chick to get all fan crazy when I see people that I admire. I just tend to stay cool, talk to them like we’s people and they’re normal, and be on my way. So I never got really crazy about the “oh can I get a picture” when I don’t even know them. Unless of course that person is Beyonce, THEN I’M ALL OVER THAT CAMERA!!!! But so yeah, sorry!

So let me tell you about my day, grab some popcorn cause this is gonna be a good one.

So I got there at about 10:30 ish, there were THREE HUGE CONVENTIONS happening at the same time at the Covention Center PLUS that night the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show was at the Staples Center across the street. Wow how interesting, it just occured to me who cool that is since Michael’s funeral was AT the Staples Center. Wow full circle. I digress…. 

So when I got there, the first thing I was rushing to see was the Ironman Naturally. First show of the season in SoCal. It was a nice showing, the WPD only had 3 girls. 2 looked good/ok, one looked ripped, the girl whose conditioning was in between the super ripped girl and the kinda soft girl was in the middle. I’m not sure who won because the finals started at 4:30 and I was ready to go by 2pm. So I didn’t see their routines either, but in any case there are 2 shows here in SoCal before mine, so I’ll check it out then at a bigger show with more competitors. I’m expecting my show to be the larger one of the first 3 shows of the season. We’ll see. I digress again.

After that I walked around the Expo and checked out the goods. I went on the Bodybuilding.com Booth line (I skipped like 100 people, lol no one said anything because a. They weren’t paying attention, b. they probably thought I can kick their ass) went through got some free stuff like a pack of Muscle Milk –  and a t-shirt. At the end of the line you’re supposed to meet Jamie Eason, but she had to go eat lunch because she was hungry and had to go on stage. Didn’t make me no never mind because I like her, but I don’t like stalk her Twitter or Facebook or anything. So I was like OK, what’s next. Oh while on the line, this dude started to talk to me. He asked me if I competed, and told me he’s thinking about doing his first show (BB) and how he’s a little nervous etc. So we struck up go conversation… Then he got all clingy and didn’t want to leave my side. I mean once we leave the booth area dude and I tell you good luck, that’s your cue to go away.  Meanwhile, to my left I see this guy I know from my gym who is somewhat of a really well known trainer. He trains a lot of celebs, and he’s promoting a competition out here (non NPC) that he wanted me to do. I turned it down because I need to focus on WPD plus they want like cute girly girl types (like bikini/figure girls) so my fast approach to lean city may be too much by the time the show rolls around. He was talking to Dave Palumbo, and I was wanting to make my way over to schooze but Clingy Man would NOT go away. And I’m not rude, I just have A LOT of private social commentary so I missed talking to Dave, but I caught up with the trainer guy.

Ok then it was off to the Gaspari Booth. But I got distracted by the 6 Pack Bag booth! I was so giddy with glee! They were so nice, and I was sold on the spot. So I got the 3 meal one in pink/grey!  They asked me to take a photo next with my bag so they can put it on their Facebook. They asked me if I was heading to the Arnold (I was telling them how this would be perfect for traveling as I carry food everywhere etc)… I said no, but hmmm shoulda said yes, maybe I woulda been a booth model for 6 Pack lol. A girl can fantasize! lol 

Oh in between there somewhere I met Toney Freeman! Talked to him a bit, he said yeah add me to Facebook. Discovered we both have the SAME birthday! August 30. Virgos rock.

Then I finally made it over the the Gaspari Booth. Saw Krissy Chin but she had a line of folks waiting to talk to her, and I saw her at the booth last year. She probably doesn’t remember at all, but yeah I’m not a stalker, unless you’re Beyonce! Then I’d rush to meet you AGAIN! But Hide was at the booth so I had to stop and say hi and grab my hug. Hide said I looked great, he said I look show ready already. LOL, I said to him, Thanks, ugggh I am so NOT ready yet, 11 weeks, then I’ll be REAAADY! He laughed lol. Next to him was Rich Gaspari signing autographs and meeting folks. I’m a HUGE user of Gaspari products, I mean literally everything is Gaspari for me (pre workout, sometimes intra, post workout). So I decided to meet Rich. So I get on line, and when I get up to him first thing I say, “Hey Rich, I’ve got to shake the man’s hand whose products I use and love.” Made him smile, he’s cool beans. He explained what the new probiotic formula was as I was curious, got my autograph, it was great. If I’d ever get sponsorship at any point in my career, that would be the brand I’d want to represent.

So when I was done there, right across the way was Nicole Wilkins! She was at the Pure Protein booth. So I made my way over, she didn’t have a long line. She’s VERY nice, VERY sweet, a little shy it seems but sweet as pie. So we talked a bit, she said I looked great!  She asked me when my next show was, and stuff. I asked her about her plans. She’s gonna do the Arnold, Australian, and then sit out until the Olympia for now. What’s really funny is that she and I share a client. A woman I used to train back when I was in NYC (around 2005/2006) is now training with her online. I had lost contact with her after I moved to LA, but she was an AWESOME client. Her only problem has always been nurition, and at that time the gym I was working for didn’t permit trainers to do nutrition programs for clients. They had actually RDs for that on staff. But the girl who was one of the RDs was A TOTALLY FREAKIN FLAKE. So fast forward to Dec 2011, I get a msg on my fan page from my client! She found me online and liked my page and reached out. That’s when she told me how she found out about Nicole and signed up with her sometime in 2010 I think, and finally got in shape, got that diet in check! So that was nice, Nicole loves her as much as I do.

Ok then I sat and watch the men’s Power Lifting Championship meet. LOVE LOVE LOVE PL! Those guys were killin it!

Then I did a bunch of other random shit you do at conventions. Indeed a fun fun fun filled day! It was great seeing everyone in one big ole place.


Whew! Are you still with me?

Ok as for progress. I’m as of this AM 141.2, last week Sunday I was 143.6! 

Have to do my workout today because I missed it yesterday. It’s gonna be a big one, I’ll get some video.


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