Ok that last bit of water seems to have left my body.

New low.

140.4 lbs as of this morning. 

Friday morning post refeed I was 142.6.

Did round 1 heavy Back and bi’s today in the AM. Heading to the gym now for a quick round of my Met Con circuit and 15 mins PWO sprints. I don’t actually run for the full 15 mins since I do 30sec FULL OUT then 30s rest. So more like 7.5 mins of cardio.  After the Met Con work that’s I’ve got lol. 

Used my 6 Pack Bag today!!! That thing is like a refrigerator!! My stuff was ice cold when I went to eat it post workout this AM (my cereal and milk). I’m LOVING it! 

Ugggh I’m having beef tonight. Freakin love beef. 

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