I was just under 139 earlier this week, today 136.6. Since meeting with Lenda, I just switched it up a little bit. Followed my same nutrition plan that I had in mind (I call it my “pre-peak” plan if all goes well, I simply repeat it for real for peak week or adjust depending on how I’m looking/feeling). Changed up and kicked in some cardio after my weights earlier on in the week when I was focusing on depleting. Basically I had a 30 min Steady State session after a full body workout (all typical strength moves like press, pull downs, rows, curls, tri ext, blah blah blah – NOTHING taxing or metabolic at this point) did that 2x this week, then 1 longer duration day of 45 mins 24 hours prior to my refeed. And this was only because I wanted to keep getting a bit leaner so my legs would come in more. Worked well, now I can take away all of that crap, dial the training back a little more, and just let the diet do what it do this week and chillax! 


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