Ok last looks before hitting the airport. Shitty lighting, but I always say if you can look decent in shitty lighting then hey you’re on your way. It was the crack of dawn when I took these.

As of this AM, I am 133.4, that’s about a whole pound and some change lower than stage weight. And this is also a day after my clean carb up. Well kinda clean if you don’t count those two cookies I had!  Mmmmmmm Pepperidge Farms!!! I have them now hiding in my car, just better to be out of sight out of mind. I still have some water to get off between now and Sat. So chug a chug chug I go with the water drinking!

My biggest nemesis has been getting these quads to pop. They’re coming along. I hope by the time Jr. Nationals comes around they decide that they want to fucking play along…. lol They’ve come in quite a lot. Now, to focus on hitting them properly on stage….

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