Ooooooook so I’m back from my comatose session I had post prejuding lol. Still back here in the hotel room chillin. I’m feeling good right now. Placed in the middle and stayed there. The competition here is really good so it will be interesting to see where I end up. I felt I did my best and I always get SUCH a rush from being on stage. As soon as the lights hit my skin I’m in my zone and I remember exactly why all the discipline, sacrifice, and work is all so worth it in the end.

So! Since I’m no longer in control of the game once I get to this point, the one thing left to do is just go out and have fun in the finals. I think only top 5 do routines, so hoping that I’m in that group. Hey this is competing, YOU NEVER KNOW! All I know is that this is the best I’ve looked, the happiest I’ve felt, and I want those watching to know and feel that too.

Round two, finals…. Let’s go!


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