Contest History

IFBB Professional Contests



50th Annual Olympia – 16th Place

IBBB Greater Gulf States – 12th Place

IFBB Mile High – 11th Place

IFBB Emerald Cup – 2nd Place

IFBB Los Angeles Grand Prix – 3rd Place



Dallas Europa (Pro Debut) – 11th Place

Amateur Contests



NPC Tournament of Champions – Figure Class E – 2nd Place

NPC Eastern USA – Figure Class E – 3rd Place



NPC California State – Figure Class E – 1st Place – 2nd Overall

NPC Team Universe – Figure Class E – DNP

NPC Tournament of Champions – Figure Class E – 1st Place – Figure Overall Winner

NPC Nationals – Figure Class E – 15th Place



NPC Los Angeles Grand Prix – Women’s Physique Tall – 1st Place – Overall Winner

NPC Emerald  Cup – Women’s Physique Tall – 2nd Place

NPC Team Universe – Women’s Physique Tall – 4th Place

NPC USA National Championships – Women’s Physique Tall – 8th Place

NPC Sacramento – Women’s Physique – 1st and Overall

NPC Nationals – Women’s Physique Tall – 6th Place



NPC Greater Gulf States – Women’s Physique Tall – 1st and Overall Winner

NPC Team Universe – Women’s Physique Tall – 1st Place – EARNED PRO CARD

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