Who Is Roxie Beckles?

Roxie at 7yrs Old

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Roxie has been in the fitness industry since 1997. She has had the amazing opportunity to touch the lives of literally thousands of people, transforming their bodies and helping them to reach heights they’ve never imagined they could.

Her passion for health and fitness began within the dance world. Starting dance classes at the age of 5, she cried every day and begged to be taken out. When Roxie was 11, her curiosity for dance began to grow again. Sparked through films like Fame, Flash Dance, and Grease, Roxie knew that she had to find her way back to the stage. She watched countless hours of Baryshnikov, Alvin Ailey, and many others. She would go to the library and borrow books and tapes about ballet technique and study and practice quietly on her own.

A Ride On The NYC Subway Changed Her Life

One day, while on her way to school in her first year of high school, she saw an amazing poster in a Brooklyn Subway Station. It was an advertisement for Joffrey Ballet’s Billboards performance. That summer she enrolled in the Joffrey School and as they say, history for her was made. Since studying at Joffrey, Roxie has had a full scholarship to the School of Dance Theater of Harlem under the direction of Arthur Mitchell. She attended SUNY Purchase Conservatory of dance, but later transferred to Fordham University/Alvin Ailey BFA Program where she graduated with a BFA in Dance. She has performed on stages across the US and Europe and has worked with some of dance’s top choreographers and legends.

A Heart For Theater And Acting

Roxie’s love for theater and acting began while at Fordham University. As part of her requirements for the BFA program, she had to take an acting class with one of Fordam’s theater professors. It was in that class that Roxie’s respect grew.

After Fordham, she began further to study Meisner Technique with Ted Bardy in New York. She appeared in numerous Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway productions, and independent films. In 2008, she moved to LA to further pursue film and television. She has worked and studied with John Ruskin at Santa Monica based Ruskin Group Theater.

Fitness Fuels Her Passion For Helping Others

As a fitness professional, Roxie has worked extensively with the New York Road Runners Foundation as a running coach for their children’s programs. Roxie specializes in creating fun and effective programs specifically tailored to her clients’ needs.

She also specializes in creating effective weight loss, core strengthening, and flexibility programs. She is certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Roxie is the owner and head coach of an online coaching/consulting company called RoxStar Fitness, LLC. (http://www.RoxStarFitness.com), which she founded in 2009.

Since then Roxie has worked with over 1000 men and women of all ages, and across 20 different countries, and 5 continents, successfully guiding them to their fitness goals all in an online environment.

Stepping On Stage – In Bodybuilding

Roxie’s competitive career began in 2010 where she placed second in her class in her first show, the NPC Tournament of Champions in Culver City, CA. A month later, she placed third in her class in one of the biggest regional shows in the country, The NPC Eastern USA Championships in New York, New York.

With these two victories, Roxie successfully qualified as a national level figure competitor allowing her the opportunity to compete to earn the prestigious IFBB Professional status. In 2011, Roxie went on to compete in 4 shows.

Within those four shows, she won her class and came in second overall at the NPC California State, and then won the overall title in figure in the NPC Tournament of Champions.

A New Division & New Accomplishments

2012, Roxie switched over to the Women’s Physique category as she saw it a better fit for her growing frame and structure. She won an overall title in her first physique show at the NPC Los Angeles Championships.

Later that year she would go on to compete successfully at the national level, seeing her highest placing at 4th in the NPC Team Universe Championships. She teamed up with expert coach Kim Oddo, and went on to win the overall title in the NPC Sacramento Cup, and then placing 6th at the NPC Nationals shortly after.

In 2013, Roxie earned her IFBB Pro Card in Women’s Physique at the NPC Team Universe Championships.  She made her pro debut at the 2013 Dallas Europa finishing 11th out of 32 competitors. In 2014, Roxie has successfully competed in the pro division under the guidance of Kim. She had a stellar rookie pro season, placing 3rd at the Los Angeles Grand Prix, and then 2nd place at the Emerald Cup Championships. Through those triumphs, Roxie secured her spot at the 2014 Olympia.

As an Olympian, Roxie had the incredible opportunity to be among the top 16 competitors in the world in 2014. A longtime dream had finally come true!

The Legacy Continues

Since then, Roxie has dedicated most of her time to coaching other women to bring their BEST to the competition stage. She also specializes in working within the corporate wellness realm.

Helping companies from around the US to provide fitness and nutrition solutions to make their employees thrive, increase productivity, and improve their health and wellness through corporate outreach programs.