The Competitive Edge – A Vlog Series


When I first began my competitive pursuits, I decided to record my journey on video. I’m not really sure what prompted this decision, I just knew I wanted to share it, and essentially keep a record of me living and walking in my dream for myself. Maybe so that one day I can look back and say, “yeah, I did that”. So I took my camera, recorded my workouts, and shared my inner most intimate thoughts. I called the series “Competitive Edge”. This all began when I wanted to do figure, low and behold I found a different path…

So the video playlist below is the collection of YouTube videos I created, from the inception of my contest journey. The first workout I’ve ever done on this path is showcased on that first video. As a spectator you will see my evolution from a green newbie all the way to a seasoned national level competitor.

There was a bit of a lapse in my video blogging towards the end. Life got busy, I followed other pursuits, but I did continue to share my process in the writings you can find right here in my blog from 2011 and 2012.

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