Holy f-ck!!!!





Today I ran into Lenda at the gym! We’ve corresponded via email and Facebook but I haven’t actually MET her. Well today she was working out and I saw her so I introduced myself formally, and she gave me a big hug. Like it’s so hard to describe the feeling when you meet someone who’s been a true inspiration to you for years. That first face to face is always so cool. And get this, she told me I look FABULOUS.  Woohoo I’m still on cloud nine. So anyway, that was my day. I’m hoping to get together with her in the next two weeks for some posing. 

So that was my day. In addition to my workout, I got in some posing. So here I am in action w/ the quarter turns and mandatories. I even threw in a little bit of my routine for y’all to check out. Warning: Shit I’m pale (for a black girl).

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