Sometimes I think the park gods have it out for me.

The track was CLOSED again today! I was so bummed and ready to throw in the towel and go to the gym. But I really wanted to workout outdoors today. Tues/Thurs/Fri are my outdoor days and nothing stands in the way of that. So I said, screw this I’m going to the park. So I headed over to a local large park by my house to find the BEST suprise ever!!

In LA there is an initiative to get exercise equipment in all the parks. So you go there and there are actual bodyweight powered MACHINES there! So at this one park you can do lat pull downs, spinal twists, chest flys, and they even have this body weight powered elliptical!!!

At this park, everything was stationary but it was a series of bars, steps, platforms etc that you can do EVERYTHING WITH!! I was in heaven you have no idea how happy and excited I was to find this. At the TOP of the hill in the park, overlooking the enitre city of LA. Plus there was a huge grassy sloping hill that I did power sprints, power forward jumping lunges, jump squats, and rope/tire pulls on. I also hit my tire with the sledgehammer. Here is the equipment, it also has discription of exercises that can be done:

I’ve been recording my last few workouts, so I will update my video blog this week and post it so you can see how I used this park.

My approach has been very methodical, and within the time that I’ve been spending training since last season, my off season, and even now, I’ve learned so much MORE about my body. It’s like I’m taking all the knowledge I’ve gathered up to this point about physiology, and taking it to a whole new level by taking myself to the outskirts of having an elite physical condition.

Over time, this whole process has now surpassed anything physical. It’s way beyond the stage, and has now become a greater personal challenge. The physique I want to bring to the stage is that of an athlete’s. We call ourselves athletes, but to be an athlete you have to be athletic, not just LOOK that way. So my approach has been not only to build my body as best as I can, but to put it on a level of high level conditioning. So I decided to take my work OUTSIDE of the gym and to push my body against gravity and produce force. The definition of energy in how it relates to the body is the capacity to do WORK. So to expend energy, you have to work. To reach optimal conditioning and size, you’ve got to challenge everything from the muscular system, to the skeletal system, the central nervous system, all of it together. What I realize more and more, is that the gym is only one aspect of that conditioning. 

And it’s paying off. Already my body is responding and welcoming the work because it is getting tight pretty quickly. Today as I looked in the mirror, it kind of shocked me because my body has matured and evolved in a way and shape I’ve never seen before. I’m also faster and stronger than I’ve ever been, and it’s only the beginning. Everyday that I work, and expend energy, I feel so electric and alive.

My eating has been great today. Back on track. I had a very yummy lunch of salmon, rice, and veggies. 

This was post workout, and SO needed. That fish was huge, 6.7 oz, but it fit in my macros so I’m not worried. I had this instead of a protein shake as I’m really trying to get my nutrients from foods and not rely on supplements. I’m not even doing any fat burners, to me they are useless. I just down a little caffine from coffee if I want a boost (well I always drink coffee in the morning cause I love it) and call it a day. I do whey post workout. I’m going to also start taking a multi-vitamin, but that’s it.

I did use my protein today to make a little treat. I made my favorite Banana Creme Protein Pie with a Graham Cracker crust. I was craving something sweet, so it was perfect. I put a dash of pure vanilla extract, a scoop of whey in some Greek Yogurt, then put it in a crust, topped with cinnamon. It was devilishly delicious!

Ok enough reflecting on today for me. Off to bed, then to the gym in the morning.

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