Ok so. My period is scheduled to arrive tomorrow… It had better come. Especially nice 4 nice nodules decided to show up on my jaw. Uggh I swear my skin acts out like a damn teenager when it’s that time. I get all cranky and weepy. I cry over nothing. We won’t talk about THAT. But as soon as day one arrives, BAM I’m back to normal (provided that I nearly overdose on Aleve to keep the pain away).

Aaah, I still love being a woman though.

You know we all focus on various things in our prep. I just wonder if anyone is as anal retentive as I am with my presentation aspect. I now do what I call “dress rehearsals.” See this started when I was a dancer and actress, which is what I had done my whole life up to this point… And before you perform, you rehearse ad naseum. And then you mark stuff on stage. Then you do a full dress rehersal in costume. And then you do a FULL DRESS meaning hair, make-up, costume, lights, everything as though it were the full show. Well if you add the lights then it could well be a tech, but that’s a whole different beast. So you see, I come from a line of tradition where you keep doing things over, and over and over again, until it’s all perfect. Until you can do everything in your sleep. Until you can do it front, back, left, right, side to side, facing the mirror, away from the mirror, whatever. You just have it DOWN to a T. And that’s my mindset when it comes to my posing.

I mean, yes, my workouts are coming along. My diet, is coming along. Although I slipped up a little this week. And I absolutely CANNOT allow that to happen over the next 21 days. And it won’t. Because for that to happen at this stage, means that I am first off, wasting my money, and secondly allowing myself to have a flaw or imperfection (ie, not coming lean enough) that the judges will gladly move me down several places for. I don’t want to give them a reason to do that. My workouts are high intensity circuits mostly. And I only do about 10 minutes of cardio a day (1 min sprint/recovery intervals at an HIIT pace). I do that 3-5 days a week. But overall, the bulk of my program are these wildly challenging circuits that you may have seen in the last video I posted. Although today, I did slow down, it’s my last workout for the week, I have 2 consecutive days off this weekend. My glute minimus was on FREAKIN FIRE TODAY. And so was my psoas. Both on the left side. I had to get down to some SERIOUS foam rolling, tennis ball rolling, static and dynamic stretching, and using the Power Plate. It’s feeling MUCH better now. I instead focused on back, chest, bi’s and tri’s. While at the gym I saw Jessica Simpson’s fiance Eric Johnson whom I’ve met before at the gym I used to train at here in LA when I was a member of the “employed” (I’m now self employed). I did this sub V02 max test for him, and he was a really nice guy. We were going to train but I up and bounced because I was done with that place. He saw me today and recognized me, but I was feeling REALLY antisocial, so I beelined to the other side of the gym. lol.   He kept looking at me for a long while because I could tell he was trying to identify and remember me. It was kinda funny. I’m such a bitch, I shoula said hi. Whatever. I’ll see him again I’m sure. I’ll be in a better mood.

So anyways, training and diet are on track. The carb gods are having their way with me by leaving the gift of water retention, add that to the gift that Aunt Flow likes to leave as well. More water retention. So my weight is up about 4 pounds from YESTERDAY! But that’s life. Nothing pounding down 2 gallons of water can’t fix.

But as I was hitting on earlier, the most IMPORTANT part for me right now as time winds down is perfecting my overall presentation. So I go back to my performing arts mindset, grab my camera, and start practicing. So below you will find my latest video. Please don’t mind the following:

1. Crappy lighting
2. Crappy camera
3. Pale Black Girl (yes a sista CAN be pale)
4. 4 lbs of water
5. ________Whatever________

At the end, I showed my newest face beating creation. The golden smokey eye. I like this one. I noticed in pics that Teresa Anthony and Latisha Wilder go for a light inner lid to a smoked outer lid and crease. Since we are all in the same hue of brown, I will definitely do a similar thing.

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