I’m actually feeling FANTASTIC! 

I think my body is on track. I’m not focusing on losing too much right now, just focused on keeping up the conditioning. I’ll be a bit tighter for the show, but now I’m just sailing in!

The new gym is also SO amazing. I added a double workout day, and it makes it all so saaa-weet! I’m kinda happy to be hiding out there, and not be at Gold’s. With so many industry folks there, I sometimes want to stay low key close to my shows. I don’t like eyes on me, and sometimes I feel that. Here, folks only say anything to me because they know me and are seeing me for the first time in 2 years. When I left the club as a trainer I wasn’t competing at the time. I looked great then, but I look totally different now lol.

But it’s great. I can go there and stay chill between sessions with my own in person clients at my private gym location, workout, answer emails, use the amenities, eat lunch, and just relax. It’s perfect!

Photo shoot tomorrow!

Everything is just going very well.


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