So it’s two weeks out! 

I think this is probably the best my body has looked. After I drop the last bit of water, I think I may have found the perfect balance of leanness/softness for my physique. Or at least this is the most perfect it will be for this season, if not to date.

In retrospect, I really feel like I’ve done the best I could. There have been SO MANY ups and downs for me in this season. A true lesson learned kind of experience. But most off all, I have had tremendous growth. And now my outlook isn’t stepping on stage to simply compete, but to just celebrate and show off the hard work.

I can’t control the girls who will be standing next to me, I can’t control the image of perfection the judges will be seeking that day. But I can control my joy and the amount I allow myself to immerse my mind in. And I can control to some degree lessening the imperfections they’ll be seeking out in my physique as they try to find the ones who are top in the class. And that has been my focus as of late.

So as of today, 13 days out, my meal plan and training schedule for the next 7 days are set. I do what I like to call “pre-peaking” to get my body close to where I need for the stage. Then once peak week starts, it’s all smooth sailing.

So here we go. Kicking it up, and ready to strut my stuff.


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