Wow what a weekend. So sitting here chillin in my hotel in SoBe and I must say this was a great weekend. Stepped on a stage with 950 other competitors (or whatever tthe hell the number is) and felt like I held my own quite well.

I placed top 15 in a class of 45 women. So I got the “we see you” nod from the judges. At a show this huge really, that’s a huge accomplishment. As I reviewed pics of the top 15 placers, I can def say each class truly represented the top of the girls who showed up. And to be honest it was all so close that you can flip the order around a number of ways and still have a logical progression of who falls wherever. So basically I’m in the mix and I’m proud of that. I also felt confident being amoung the women who have hit the national level stages many times who may have placed above me, but being that I’m a new kid on the block and I come out of nowhere with no big coaches behind me, I have something to be proud of to be seen at this show.

I looked at some of my pics online, and I’m proud. I look great. What I do know is that I need to make some choices as to what division I may want to compete in for next season. Right now as the current trend is going I am too muscular for figure on the NATIONAL level, and not lean enough and maybe a tad small for physique on the national level. So I can go either way.

I’m going to talk to a few coaches I trust to get their take because one was at the show and the other had a girl at the show and trains a few pros.

If I decide to stick to figure I’m contemplating working with a particular coach who is in my area just for getting me ready on the national level. I just really don’t like the business of getting involved with Teams and stuff. I just want to train, do my thing, and keep it moving. Also I’m really very picky as to whom I intrust my body and my training. I train because I love to challenge myself. Its not just about a 12 week prep and a show date. I also don’t like cookie cutter programs and hours of cardio. But I do like the idea of having someone kind of overseeing my progress.

But if I choose to do physique, mark my words. I’m training with Lenda Murray. She’s in LA and I’ve always said if I decided to ever switch divisions I would seek her out because I heard she does in fact train.

Stay tuned.

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