Woke up this AM sore!  Good sore! Especially mid back, lats, deep in my glutes (glute min), calves. Uggggh I love it!

When I restarted my plan last week I was at 144.6 lbs. As of this AM I am now 143.  Abs are coming in more, upper body is really coming in. Legs are coming along. Still have that layer of fat/water, but over the next few weeks they’ll come in. I’m seeing a little more quad sep. All is on point. I’d like as a goal to hit 140/140.6 by the end of the month. Nice and slow, steady drop. I’m not really sure where I’ll end up weight wise once I hit the stage. Last season I was at 128 at my lowest (Tournament of Champions), to me I was way freakin small. California State and Team U had me at 132. I liked that. Nats I was probably closer to 132/133, left the scale at home so didn’t track the weight while I was in MIA. I’m thinking with the extra muscle that I have, and the goal of just staying really full come show time, I’ll likely be in the mid 130s again. And I feel like I look great there. So anyways, we’ll have to see! I’m just happy with the progress so far.

Today is my off day. Time to rest. Going to head into the gym to do a little Power Plate stretching, some foam rolling, then sauna/steam/jacuzzi!

Tomorrow is my REEEEFEEED!!! Images of yummy carbs dancing in my head! I think I’m going to throw in some Angel Food Cake and Ice Cream in the mix post workout tomorrow! 


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