Just wanted to pop in and take a moment to thank all of you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO much for your kind words of congrats and support. It makes me feel really good to know that I have an amazing group of kick ass chicks (and dudes ) that are in my corner in this crazy world of competitions, tans, and rhinestones. Thank you guys immensely!

You know I’m really super proud of the work that I’ve put in this time around and I feel like I stepped on stage with the best that I could in this moment in time. However I do feel my best is yet to come.

What was really awesome about yesterday is that I really got a chance to see the pros up close. They were all SO amazing and it really gives me something to aspire to when I saw each one of them. I’m ready now to get really serious into my training since I know where I NEED to go to really be on the level that I one day aspire to be on. What was cool backstage is that before the night show, when I settled into my little space backstage, in walks my new favorite body of all time – Patricia Melo. And she said hello to me, then asked me my name and told me that she watched my video with me and Lenda working on posing. She said that she really liked it and remembered my face but was amazed to see how much my body had changed between that video and with me then standing in front of her, lol.  I joked with her that I hit up the cardio and diet a bit more since I basically was slacking on it trying to play it safe. And paid her a compliment on her godlike physique lol.  She’s really cool. Then Karina asked me to take a pic of her an Patricia together. It was like Brazillian heaven. I kept my inner stan (stalker/fan) to myself so they didn’t think I was crazy lol.

But what Lenda and I both agree on is that I need to bring it in tighter if I want to be really competitive in the division. I haven’t gotten the judges feedback yet, however in just looking at my pics I know that’s going to be the case as I take on the National level and whatever else comes my way this season. I was good, but I can be better. One cannot settle on their laurels with a single success, growth must always happen, there’s always more that can be done. So now, I sit here about to kill a huge slice of cheesecake to finish off my post contest treat, but my game plan is being drafted tonight to come in a little tighter for the Emerald Cup. Honestly there’s only SO MUCH one can do in a week’s span, but it may be that slight difference at this point that can make a little more of a dramatic look in my physique from this show and the next. But the real focus will be on the show that I’ll be doing in June….

Chicago, here I come.

After I eat my cake….

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