3 weeks out from the show. And it’s officially getting hard. I’m tired today. It could be that it’s as hot as the dungeons of Hell in LA right now. I’ve cut back on the carbs a bit and my body is definitely readjusting. Right now I’m around 100 per day, the difference is being made up with my protein which is pretty high right now (@ 150-180 grams, it feels like sooo much in writing, but when I’m consuming it’s not that much at all it seems), and 25-40g of fat depending on the day. My calories are hovering around 1500-1600/day to keep up with my workout schedule and physical needs. I’m a trainer so I’m training clients and running boot camps, and moving all day long. And the only reason I’m going so rigorous right now is because I’d rather come to the show day without having to manipulate too much with sodium/water/carb. Come in ready by the day of, then not too much experimentation I have to worry about to bring forth my best body. Right now it’s really close monitoring of everything. If I look in the mirror and I’m getting too lean, I readjust my macros to make sure I fill out just a bit. My sodium intake is pretty normal, I don’t eat very much salt in any case, so I haven’t had to mess around with that. My body is just readjusting now to these changes. Shit hits the fan when you have to nudge it beyond what it finds comfortable. Again, nothing major to change just some fine tuning.

Let me go brew some coffee. I’ve got my boot camp crew in an hour. No matter how I’m feeling, I’ve got to be 100% for them.


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