So everything is going pretty steady this week. I did a really CRAZY outdoor workout yesterday entailing me throwing my tire down the hill with a twisting throw, running after it with a rope and hauling it back uphill. Then sprints, and bodyweight work. That was my interval training lol. Earlier in the day I hit a full round of a strength circuit at the gym and topped off with a nice shoulder/tricep superset. Did 20 mins of cardio.

I took some pics yesterday, but I will post them a little later. I’m still pretty vascular and I love how round my muscles are. My macro ratio has been 35c/35p/35f for the last week, so I have plenty of energy for my workouts. Sometimes mid week I feel really tired during my training so the next day I will rest, slightly carb up, and then I’m back on track by the next day. It seems like things are still steadily progressing so, I’m going to stay roughly on the same breakdown. I’m at 1700 cals/day. Tuesdays are my weigh in days, so depending on how I go down, I may again, either leave it the same or adjust.

I’ve been recording my workouts for the last week. These are just my outdoor workouts, I didn’t record my gym workouts (except for a small sample of the power plate work I do). I don’t want to pull out a camera at Gold’s lol. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my outdoor days. I do these about 2-3x/week. It’s hard as hell, but not only physically, but mentally challenging for me. And I need that for my own sanity. 

It’s going to be 80 degrees today! So I’m taking it as an off day to enjoy the sun, maybe go to my favorite little spot in Beverly Hills or Brentwood to chill and do some writing. Then tomorrow, it’s me and either the track, or the beach with my workout.

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