Just got back from the gym. Went down to Gold’s, had a leg day. Just good ole strength. I took my weights down quite a bit and focused on tempo, reps/sets, and rest intervals today. My goal was failure BTW 8-10 reps, and boy did I get there. Finished off with 20 mins of steady state cardio. Now I’m super sleepy and about to take a nap.

It’s funny because my diet leaves me full if I make sure to stick to it to the T. Particularly within the protein and fat ratio. I’m laughing because post workout I had my protein shake (1 scoop of powder mixed with 1 cup of whole milk), 1 oz of string cheese, 3/4 oz of a cheddar cheese square, and a small 11g square of 80% dark chocolate. All fit perfectly into my macros, and I still have dinner which will finish me off nicely. Who woulda thunk! Lol. Anyway, I had been slacking in my water consumption these last few days. So I’ve made a new goal for myself that insures I keep getting it in. Between the time I wake up and 10:30am, I must drink 1ltr. 10:30-3p is ltr #2, then 3 to bed is ltr #3. So far so good, and much more attainable.

Wow, my workout knocked me out. Time for a nap!


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